Sonoma Belonging

Sonoma Belonging specializes in connecting clients to their communities through real estate investments. My goal is to bring clarity and ease to my clients in the process of buying and selling, and cater each experience to that individual. With Sonoma Belonging, you aren’t just buying a house, you are finding a place to call home in a community you love. 

I believe in the power of generosity, and that belief has shaped my vision for Sonoma Belonging. As such, a portion of our net commission earnings will be donated back into our local community, through a business or charity of your choice. Together, we can go beyond discovering community; we can build a better future for generations yet to come.

Blog...Things to Chat About

When a family is purchasing a home, the school district is an immediate factor in the decision making process. This blog will highlight the best schools and areas in Sonoma County which will aid in the buying process. 

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I'm happy to help! Whether you're looking to buy, sell or simply want community insight, send me a message and we can chat about all the fun things! 

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